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400 Years of Pomerania. People from History

Video production, direction, & realization
Pomeranian State Museum Greifswald, 2004

Costumes from the film studios of Babelsberg, actors from Münster – photos of the video production for the Pomeranian State Museum Greifswald. Through their performance, the actors brought twelve historical figures back to life, including Bishop Otto of Bamberg, Elizabeth of Pomerania and a female barber surgeon. In close collaboration with the museum, we conducted the casting of the actors, adapted the old historical texts, selected authentic costumes and make-up, and carried out the shooting and the final production of the films.

“Man is coming”: in a diorama depicting a moose hunter carving stag antlers, the Stone Age comes to life. The scene was built in miniature and incorporated into the diorama. With the help of a special mirror projection, film and diorama merge into one. The film sequences are a highlight of the permanent exhibition of the region’s history.

For more information: Pommersches Landesmuseum Greifswald

Country aristocrat
Witzlaw III of Rügen
Margarethe, barber surgeon
Bernim I in the make-up room