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Frequently Asked Questions

The costs for shipping and packaging depend on the amount of DVDs ordered and where they are shipped to.



1 DVD = 4,45 €

2-4 DVDs = 4,85 €

5 DVDs = 5,41 €

6-18 DVDs = 7,10 €

19 DVDs or more= 9,90 €



Shipping is free within Germany for an invoice total of 250€ and upwards. Pre-orders are always free of shipping costs within Germany.


1-4 DVD = 6,40 €

5 DVDs = 9,00 €

6-18 DVDs = 11,60 €

19 DVDs or more = 20,00 €



1-4 DVD = 6,40 €

5 DVDs = 9,00 €

6-18 DVDs = 16,90 €

19 DVDs or more = 33,00 €



Your order will be processed and shipped within 24 hours. Exception: company holidays during summer (14 days) and Christmas time (14 days). Please note that we have no influence on delivery times of the Deutsche Post. 


As a private person you can pay via paypal, debit advice procedure or prepayment. We offer a payment via invoice only to public institutions. 

Discounts are only offered to student teachers. You need to send us a written confirmation which proves that you are a student teacher and you will be offered a 10% discount.

If you ordered a DVD mistakenly, you can return it only if it is still welded. If the DVD has been unpacked, you cannot return the DVD.

General Information: Our DVDs are optimized for playback on any common DVD player. Returning disks is only available due to a technical issue making it impossible to properly play the DVD. Of course you can use our DVDs on Mac or PC. There might be occure difficulties with older DVDs or newer computers. The following tips will help you to solve the most common issues:

Tip 1: If you are having troubles with starting the DVD on Windows PCs you can try to manually start it (leftclick "play with VLC media player" or "playback" on DVD player in the Explorer Window)
Tip 2: If the menu navigation doesn't work proberly, you should use the keyboard (up- and down-arrows, enter) since some DVDs may have issues when navigating with a mouse.
Tip 3: Please check whether the drive is able to play DVDs at all.
Tip 4: Unfortunately the default codecs and software for DVD playback is missing when using Windows 8 or higher. Installing the "vlc media player" (or different players/codecs) will solve this problem.
Tip 5: The Didaktik Navigation Menu is only available for Windows. Mac Users need to manually open the PDF-Documents via Finder Application.
Tip 6: If none of the above tips will help, please report your problem as accurately as possible. (Which DVD? Which module? What timecode? Which operating system? What kind of hardware? Is there any error message?) This will help us to identify your problem and provide a suitable solution for you.

Registration is technically necessary as Vimeo is an external provider. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this procedure.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

For this purpose you should primarily use school-internal, password-protected server solutions (eCampus, Moodle, etc.) or temporary file upload services, such as Please understand that we do not allow permanent or unprotected copies of our films to be in circulation and digital fingerprinting enables us to take the appropriate action against such usage.