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Enter here: since 2009 at Von-Vincke-Straße 10, in Münster
How it all started: with 16mm and a clapperboard.
Our work today: digital and in HD.
This is what we look like: Niklas Schwartz, Christoph Kemper, Johannes Glaw (upper row from left to right); Katja Brandt, Dr. Anne Roerkohl (middle row); Carola Halfmann, Mike Scheffer, Johannes Beuing (bottom row)

About poets, thinkers, huts, and palaces – the Anne Roerkohl dokumentARfilm GmbH

History and literature are our passion – that is more than a promise. It is evident in all of our films and exhibitions. Viewers and visitors can feel it. The many messages of enthusiastic feedback we have received support this claim. Since 1997 we have worked for television broadcasters, museums, companies, and other clients throughout Germany. Since 2004, our DVD series have also been available for use in schools, and since 2014 we have added interactive textbooks to our range of offerings. Thousands of students nationwide acquire their knowledge in the subjects of history and German literature with the help of our productions, and we have been informed again and again by teachers as well as media centers that our products have been a huge success.

The Anne Roerkohl dokumentARfilm GmbH consists of a team of historians, Germanists, film makers, teachers, museum educators, interior architects, programmers, film editors, and graphic designers – concentrated expertise for comprehensive solutions in various ways to transmit knowledge.

Production list


Our films – established, critical, and exciting

Our DVD film series Interactive History and Interactive German Literature offer all relevant facts, background information, and points of view on many topics of interest from these two fields of knowledge. We also investigate aspects which are often overlooked. Provided with our films on history and literature are supplementary instructional materials tailored specifically for classroom teaching. Experienced educationalists created the materials so that they are guaranteed in practice.

Our iBooks textbooks – experience history interactively

Our iBooks textbooks are the ideal next-generation tool for the teaching of the future. In them our documentary films are enhanced by photo galleries, interactive maps, graphs, and quiz pages. This allows a playful approach to the teaching content. We developed the concept in cooperation with experienced educationalists, ensuring that our interactive textbooks fully meet the requirements of the curriculum. But above all, they are fun for students and for anyone interested in history.

Our exhibitions – multimedia, exciting, informative

With their scholarly foundations and equally informative and exciting nature, our exhibitions deliver information as well as food for thought to both laymen and experts. In addition to texts, graphics, images, and exhibits, we utilise films, sound effects, and music, thus providing important variety to each exhibition. In collaboration with interior architects, we transform exhibit spaces into distinctive historical enactments and rooms in which visitors can experience history. This is how we would realise your desires as our client.

Our thirst for knowledge – working for you

History and literature – benefit from our thirst for knowledge. Get to know German literature with our productions. Learn all about the proverbial “poets and thinkers”. Find out, based on Georg Büchner’s works, who throughout history lived in the huts versus the palaces, and why this was the case. Many exciting topics and fascinating discoveries await you. We look forward to your responses!

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Dr. Anne Roerkohl · born in 1955 in Wolbeck · Academic training as architectural draftsman, restorer, and historian · Dissertation on World War I · Author of historical features and documentary films for television broadcasters ARD and arte since 1992 · Founding of the Anne Roerkohl dokumentARfilm GmbH in 1997