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Saxon History

Video & multimedia production
Chemnitz Museum of Industry, 2003

The new Museum of Industry in Chemnitz shows the history of Saxony and its industrial achievements over a period of more than 200 years. The exhibition emphasizes the sociological process of industrialization: Who are the people behind the inventions? Who came up with the original ideas? How did technological developments impact different social groups?

Our short films portray people of today: We spoke with Jutta Barth, who wants to bring Plauen lace back into fashion, with the graduate engineer Waltraud Hoffmann, and with Freimut Aurich, who climbed the social ladder from laborer to entrepreneur.

Historical figures are presented in Flash animations, such as Arnold Friedrich Brockhaus, the founder of the F.A. Brockhaus company, and Frederick Ruppert, engineer and technical director of the Machine Tool Factory UNION.

For more information:

Visitors at the media station, opening day 2003
Shootings on the history of engineering
Shootings on the history of the Plauen Lace
Visitors at the media station, opening day 2003