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Quarry Bank Mill & Styal Estate (National Trust), 10/2004


by David Watts, Learning & Interpretation Officer

Anne Roerkohl has produced a fascinating and valuable record of the impact of the Industrial Revolution on Great Britain. The location footage and interviews contribute to the success of the DVD and, together with the information contained within it, will be of considerable use to students of all ages who wish, not only to understand this important stage in the development of British history, but also to have a visual record of where many of these developments took place.



by Adam Daber, Curator

The main film and accompanying features give a valuable and concise overview of the major elements of the world’s first Industrial Revolution. The power of the images, filmed entirely on location, coupled with the informative and well researched narrative, create a strong impression of the development of an industrialised society. The features can be used to supplement the main film or independently, with added footage to give a more detailed insight of historic sites or significant industries, sometimes complimented by interviews. I am certain that the quality of the film will prove to be of enormous benefit to all viewers, whether for academic or personal interest.